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About Us

Connecting you to the makers and sharing with you their handmade work and their stories — that is our heart. We care about how things are made — every part of it — where the materials come from, how artisans are paid, the conditions they are asked to work in, and so much more. We’re not into charity buys. We're into you knowing the makers, because the story matters.

o u r   v a l u e s

This is about people. We believe we have a responsibility as consumers to care about how people are treated. This includes their pay and the conditions they are asked to work in. We partner with artisans and groups of artisans where fair pay is guaranteed and the work is about more than a job.

Quality is key. Every item we sell has been handmade by artisans with care and utmost attention to quality. Where it is possible, we look for ways to purchase goods using local materials that are kind to the world we live in.

o u r   s t o r y

Made officially began in the fall of 2017, though it really began when I (Holly, made's founder) was a little girl watching my mom support local artisans everywhere we lived and traveled. My mom always had a way of supporting just about anyone who was making anything. Then, as I worked in Haiti in the non-profit sector, I got to personally see the impact social enterprises have through providing skills, jobs, and truly caring for their artisans. The dream to start something grew. Not just something anywhere, but in my city, Williamsburg, Virginia.

I want Williamsburg to have a place to purchase fair trade and ethically-made goods while getting to know the people who made what they’re buying. One day, we’ll have a storefront; for now, we pop up all over and sell online.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support, love, shares, orders, visits, likes, and follows. Thank you for caring about the stories of our incredible artisans and for shopping in a way that shows that people matter more.