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Workshop: Sustainable Gift Wrapping

We are all about giving intentional and meaningful gifts that are made in ways that honor people and care for the planet.

Then comes --- wrapping the gifts.

Ashley loves wrapping gifts. At this workshop, she will share her love for gift wrapping while using what many of us have laying around the house after this COVID-season: Trader Joe's paper bags. This workshop will offer you creative ways to use what often gets thrown out in your wrapping, so that your gifts and your wrapping are sustainable.

We will be wrapping in Studio South's Barre Room on the ground (bring a yoga mat or blanket if you would like!) to the tunes of Christmas music.

t h e   d e t a i l s

  • Date: Saturday, December 5th with a limited number of slots.
  • Cost: Only $10 for all the tape, tags, twine, and instruction.
  • Tickets: Reserve your ticket here.
  • Bring: Your gifts, Trader Joe's paper bags (or whatever you've got), your own pair of scissors.